Text to Speech tts.exe windows interface

Well, I decided to create something in my favorite scripting program Autohotkey. It’s not much and my abilities are really limited but here it is.  I convert a lot of text to audio to listen to vs. read. This interface allows the normal windows user to use the tts.exe without needing to learn the CMD line commands. Converts to MP3 or Wav. Can even play directly from the program.

Link to program


New President

Wow, look who we have here. Well Mr Trump….sorry…Pres Trump, looks like you did it.  I look at you and see someone who is seen in a light that is common among the elite and over educated. You do not act and speak like a politician. You do not present yourself in the expected decorum. You are use to speaking but not articulating your thoughts out loud. This makes you unpredictable and makes many people fearful. After all, if you do not act the stereotypical part people in the game feel that something is wrong. People outside of the game see a connection. Trump was one of the guys in a big meeting who did not wear a tie (metaphorically speaking). It did not change his abilities any but the tie represented a lacking ability to the traditional thinking to do the job right .  To the new generation and millennials  it showed the ability to change and connect. It showed a man with an open mind that understood them and the need for diversity without judgment….one of them.

I have noticed that despite the most intelligent people being….very intelligent,  they are slow to accept any diversity outside of their personal scope of decorum.  That level of intelligence breeds a type of bias and disconnect and by human nature, fear.

From the happy side, may we see the change promised now that the wheels are in motion.


Fixing the house

Talk about a bittersweet feeling. Getting a ton of work done on the house is extremely satisfying. However, watching the bank account take a dip is not.  Since this is a happy place I will focus my thought on the good and learned  side.  The reality that I have the time to actually complete the projects on the house that have been sitting around for years is setting in. In a few short weeks I will have all new doors, windows and a new back fence. I also plan to have my house repainted next spring to complete the last of the major projects I have.

Taking the words of my wise mother. “Put money aside and pretend it does not exist” and “Never pay off a house with work to be done”. Paraphrasing there but it was something like that. I decided to NOT pay off the house but to do the repairs and maintenance needed first and still have emergency funds left. I am happy to say both have been accomplished.  I may post pictures when the work is done. Wow…Now I am excited.

The lesson learned for me in this:

Make a decision and own the results. Its much easier to make a decision, face the consequences good or bad, learn from the decision, and move forward. I dwelled and stressed for too long in limbo on what I wanted to do until a friend said either do it or drop it and move on. I can say now that the wheels are in motion there is a lot less stress from the pressure of indecision.  I am now anticipating a warmer ( U-Factor .25-.23 using Milguard double pane), more secure house with an updated look.

What makes you (me) happy

This blog is about what makes you happy. This also entails getting rid of bad habits, recognizing road blocks, useful tools, internalizing, and soooo many other things. What do you love to do that you CAN do and DO on a regular basis.  If your can’t think of one, your probably not very happy. Hobbies? Get one.  Perhaps this should be entitled making time for yourself, but then again many of us understand that making time for ourselves may include other people. It may be work we need to disconnect from and a day with our partner may be our happy place.

I recently found a happy place in music. I just sat down one day and decided I wanted to write a song…..and I did. I will share the song I wrote but keep in mind that you want to keep similar alignment with with my previous post of passion vs ability. Simply replace passion with possible.  When its not our carrier at stake we can take our hobbies and mold them in any way we like as long as its possible and we have the ability to do them. And yes, its OK to be passionate about your hobbies as well, just keep a check on the obsession part. I gave my ex a metal detector once. Might have been a mistake with her hyper OCD. I think she disappeared for about 3 months. I saw her from time to time covered with mud head to toe with a smile on her face and a small bag of goodies she was able to dig up each day.


Pretty sure she scanned every square inch of every park and mud hole in town. She may have even traveled out a bit……My bad (obsession).

Below is the one of the songs I wrote. A friend was telling me of a difficult situation she was going through and was having a  hard time walking away from. When she was finally able to walk away I was inspired to write the song as an inspiration to her success to get out of a toxic relationship.

Disclaimer: I said I loved writing songs not that I am good at it. I love to sing. That does not mean I will not shatter any glass next to you.

Song Burning Bridges

Dating – Best intentions

I made a decision to start dating again.  Who knows. At my age anything is possible just not as probable. In a two person income world a single income does not afford the time to wander and meet. If this was a two income situation then I would not be looking. Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me.  Some life lessons learned along my previous path and some great research may put me in a better position this time to meet the right person. Perhaps a better statement would be to search for the right person. I use to think dating sites were too impersonal, but in reality it fits into the newer generation and my bias is probably a bit of generation gap.

Part of this blog is to share effective tools on whatever I am blogging about.  One of the best resources I have found to identify what is commonly referred to as the most common necessities in a relationship and very often deal breakers if interests are not ranked similarly are listed below.  Typically these are used when married to strengthen, overcome obstacles and  to help save marriages. The one thing I wish I had before marriage and even before a commitment is a list like below. The list is directly from a website called Marriage builders (click to visit).  It’s an amazing site that has a ton of information to work on filling the love bank.  Both people honestly rank themselves and compare their top needs. If they want to take it further they can rank what they feel the other persons ranking looks like to them. Its about sharing so share and be honest. Needs change so doing this again down the road a ways in not a bad idea.  I am 50 so you may see my results reflective on that below. GL to all and I hope this helps someone seeking or currently in a relationship.

Affection 5
Sexual Fulfillment 6
Conversation 3
Recreational Companionship 2
Honesty and Openness 1
Physical Attractiveness 4
Financial Support 7
Domestic Support 10
Family Commitment 9
Admiration 8


Good day at work

A good day at work. Always good when you learn something… Received a message from my old job offering me a position. Truly thankful but I turned it down. I have decided to work on what fits and not chase the money.  Driving 110 miles a day is not part of the new plan. Interestingly enough, shortly after turning down the position I was made aware of a position within the current company I work for that would fit directly into my skill set. Will let everyone know if anything happens from it.  I have to remember that when I say no its because I have an actual outline I am following. I turned down an extra $15k a year, but I also turned down hard labor, an additional 1200 hours of additional work a year, 110 round trip daily (as mentioned) and being completely married back into a job with no life.

Whats it all about

Well, to start I have a lot more time on my hands these days. Amazing what a huge cut in pay and hours will do. At first I was furious. After all, I was number one in almost every category at work. Reports, budget, growth….. I was devastated, hurt and angry. The reason for my layoff was officially due to my distance from the corporate office. The real reason was my lack of ability to network with my peers. A VERY REAL AND IMPORTANT PROCESS IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. So while my work was off the charts I was still very transparent  to the company as a whole given the layers between my immediate supervisors and the executive teams.  So despite my knowledge, experience and success I was let go.  It took me a while to understand I was doing something I was passionate about but may not have been completely suited for. During my research I discovered I was not doing what I was good at. I am good at management and district management where I can stay connected with the people, process and training aspects of a job. At the Director level, even through it was a passion of mine, it was like Executive was a foreign language to me. I felt disconnected from the people I was good at helping and I was losing a skill set I was good at for the passion of being on top. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as successful as any of my counterparts. However, in the scope of  my corporate interaction skills, I was equivalent to a redneck in coveralls sitting in a room of Rolex’s and tuxes. I have learned a lot since then about myself and the difference between passion and what I’m good at. I have started saying no a lot more and have started to enjoy a bit more of life. This blog is my continued journey towards that goal. I hope you will join me. Learn a bit and give a bit.

Warm tortillas with out making them brittle

This is a pretty simple process. Simply take some water and flick it onto each tortilla as you layer them. Nuke for  30-45 seconds.  They come out warm and fluffy.

If you have older ones that are becoming a bit stale but are still good ( not moldy ) use the same method above but cover with a plastic container and nuke for 1 min. this will cause the tortilla to become moisturized again. May possibly need a second nuke if still dry.