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Well, to start I have a lot more time on my hands these days. Amazing what a huge cut in pay and hours will do. At first I was furious. After all, I was number one in almost every category at work. Reports, budget, growth….. I was devastated, hurt and angry. The reason for my layoff was officially due to my distance from the corporate office. The real reason was my lack of ability to network with my peers. A VERY REAL AND IMPORTANT PROCESS IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. So while my work was off the charts I was still very transparent  to the company as a whole given the layers between my immediate supervisors and the executive teams.  So despite my knowledge, experience and success I was let go.  It took me a while to understand I was doing something I was passionate about but may not have been completely suited for. During my research I discovered I was not doing what I was good at. I am good at management and district management where I can stay connected with the people, process and training aspects of a job. At the Director level, even through it was a passion of mine, it was like Executive was a foreign language to me. I felt disconnected from the people I was good at helping and I was losing a skill set I was good at for the passion of being on top. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as successful as any of my counterparts. However, in the scope of  my corporate interaction skills, I was equivalent to a redneck in coveralls sitting in a room of Rolex’s and tuxes. I have learned a lot since then about myself and the difference between passion and what I’m good at. I have started saying no a lot more and have started to enjoy a bit more of life. This blog is my continued journey towards that goal. I hope you will join me. Learn a bit and give a bit.

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