Dating – Best intentions

I made a decision to start dating again.  Who knows. At my age anything is possible just not as probable. In a two person income world a single income does not afford the time to wander and meet. If this was a two income situation then I would not be looking. Kind of a catch 22 if you ask me.  Some life lessons learned along my previous path and some great research may put me in a better position this time to meet the right person. Perhaps a better statement would be to search for the right person. I use to think dating sites were too impersonal, but in reality it fits into the newer generation and my bias is probably a bit of generation gap.

Part of this blog is to share effective tools on whatever I am blogging about.  One of the best resources I have found to identify what is commonly referred to as the most common necessities in a relationship and very often deal breakers if interests are not ranked similarly are listed below.  Typically these are used when married to strengthen, overcome obstacles and  to help save marriages. The one thing I wish I had before marriage and even before a commitment is a list like below. The list is directly from a website called Marriage builders (click to visit).  It’s an amazing site that has a ton of information to work on filling the love bank.  Both people honestly rank themselves and compare their top needs. If they want to take it further they can rank what they feel the other persons ranking looks like to them. Its about sharing so share and be honest. Needs change so doing this again down the road a ways in not a bad idea.  I am 50 so you may see my results reflective on that below. GL to all and I hope this helps someone seeking or currently in a relationship.

Affection 5
Sexual Fulfillment 6
Conversation 3
Recreational Companionship 2
Honesty and Openness 1
Physical Attractiveness 4
Financial Support 7
Domestic Support 10
Family Commitment 9
Admiration 8


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