What makes you (me) happy

This blog is about what makes you happy. This also entails getting rid of bad habits, recognizing road blocks, useful tools, internalizing, and soooo many other things. What do you love to do that you CAN do and DO on a regular basis.  If your can’t think of one, your probably not very happy. Hobbies? Get one.  Perhaps this should be entitled making time for yourself, but then again many of us understand that making time for ourselves may include other people. It may be work we need to disconnect from and a day with our partner may be our happy place.

I recently found a happy place in music. I just sat down one day and decided I wanted to write a song…..and I did. I will share the song I wrote but keep in mind that you want to keep similar alignment with with my previous post of passion vs ability. Simply replace passion with possible.  When its not our carrier at stake we can take our hobbies and mold them in any way we like as long as its possible and we have the ability to do them. And yes, its OK to be passionate about your hobbies as well, just keep a check on the obsession part. I gave my ex a metal detector once. Might have been a mistake with her hyper OCD. I think she disappeared for about 3 months. I saw her from time to time covered with mud head to toe with a smile on her face and a small bag of goodies she was able to dig up each day.


Pretty sure she scanned every square inch of every park and mud hole in town. She may have even traveled out a bit……My bad (obsession).

Below is the one of the songs I wrote. A friend was telling me of a difficult situation she was going through and was having a  hard time walking away from. When she was finally able to walk away I was inspired to write the song as an inspiration to her success to get out of a toxic relationship.

Disclaimer: I said I loved writing songs not that I am good at it. I love to sing. That does not mean I will not shatter any glass next to you.

Song Burning Bridges

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