Fixing the house

Talk about a bittersweet feeling. Getting a ton of work done on the house is extremely satisfying. However, watching the bank account take a dip is not.  Since this is a happy place I will focus my thought on the good and learned  side.  The reality that I have the time to actually complete the projects on the house that have been sitting around for years is setting in. In a few short weeks I will have all new doors, windows and a new back fence. I also plan to have my house repainted next spring to complete the last of the major projects I have.

Taking the words of my wise mother. “Put money aside and pretend it does not exist” and “Never pay off a house with work to be done”. Paraphrasing there but it was something like that. I decided to NOT pay off the house but to do the repairs and maintenance needed first and still have emergency funds left. I am happy to say both have been accomplished.  I may post pictures when the work is done. Wow…Now I am excited.

The lesson learned for me in this:

Make a decision and own the results. Its much easier to make a decision, face the consequences good or bad, learn from the decision, and move forward. I dwelled and stressed for too long in limbo on what I wanted to do until a friend said either do it or drop it and move on. I can say now that the wheels are in motion there is a lot less stress from the pressure of indecision.  I am now anticipating a warmer ( U-Factor .25-.23 using Milguard double pane), more secure house with an updated look.

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