New President

Wow, look who we have here. Well Mr Trump….sorry…Pres Trump, looks like you did it.  I look at you and see someone who is seen in a light that is common among the elite and over educated. You do not act and speak like a politician. You do not present yourself in the expected decorum. You are use to speaking but not articulating your thoughts out loud. This makes you unpredictable and makes many people fearful. After all, if you do not act the stereotypical part people in the game feel that something is wrong. People outside of the game see a connection. Trump was one of the guys in a big meeting who did not wear a tie (metaphorically speaking). It did not change his abilities any but the tie represented a lacking ability to the traditional thinking to do the job right .  To the new generation and millennials  it showed the ability to change and connect. It showed a man with an open mind that understood them and the need for diversity without judgment….one of them.

I have noticed that despite the most intelligent people being….very intelligent,  they are slow to accept any diversity outside of their personal scope of decorum.  That level of intelligence breeds a type of bias and disconnect and by human nature, fear.

From the happy side, may we see the change promised now that the wheels are in motion.


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