Warm tortillas with out making them brittle

This is a pretty simple process. Simply take some water and flick it onto each tortilla as you layer them. Nuke for  30-45 seconds.  They come out warm and fluffy.

If you have older ones that are becoming a bit stale but are still good ( not moldy ) use the same method above but cover with a plastic container and nuke for 1 min. this will cause the tortilla to become moisturized again. May possibly need a second nuke if still dry.

How to warm butter without it melting

Ever have a recipe that requires soft butter but not melted butter. Or how about when its dinner time and the butter is still solid.  Putting it in the microwave just melts or partially melts the butter.      The trick to fast soft butter is…..

  1. Microwave a bowl or other container that will hold heat for 2 minutes and fit over the butter or butter container. Typically ceramic type not plastic.mug
  2. Carefully remove it from the microwave and turn it over and place on top of the butter/butter container.mug
  3. Wait 2 minutes and remove. You now have soft melted butter.