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zip.gif Text to
Text to speech using the tts.exe engine. Converts Text to MP3 or Wave format for audio playback. I simply created a small cheesy windows interface to make it more user friendly. I Mainly use it to listen to my audio books but audio can be played directy from the interface.
Home/GPL Freeware
731.61 Kb 11.08.2017 09:57
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defaut.gif load.php
Home/1-RunUO 1 scripts/Systems
728 b 16.03.2017 06:48
Download 126
This is the old Autohotkey recorder that no longer comes with the build. Allows you to create point and click macros for immidiate use or to incorperate into your Autohotkey scripts.
16.66 Kb 14.01.2017 05:17
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zip.gif Text Extention .zip
Open script with text editor and follow instructions. This script will pop up messages/whispers just off center. The Game does not have to be in focus for this script to work.Snapshot - f5=start Text to speech. F6= stop TTS.
Home/Rift Addon and More
216.46 Kb 12.01.2017 13:59
Download 113
This is a module from big boss mod. I have updated the ready checker with the newer Starfall items (most of them). Again this is PART of the "King-Molinator" folder. Simply unzip and drop into the moduels directory to overwrite the current folder(Addons\King-Molinator\Modules). "This is not a stand
Home/Rift Addon and More
12.15 Kb 29.12.2016 16:07
Download 111
This has been updated to show the Starfall resource nodes. The artifact portion has not been updated only the tracking of resources. Not my script, just updating it for my use. Can be extracted and dropped into your addon directly or to overwrite your current version.
Home/Rift Addon and More
613.97 Kb 27.12.2016 05:15
Download 161
Auto downloader for Plex
Home/GPL Freeware
8.68 Mb 20.10.2016 10:10
Download 141
Free Auto Responder for Linux/unix Easy to install
Home/web host collection
797.6 Kb 20.09.2016 10:13
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exe.gif FileBot-setup.exe
Bulk Rename Utility. Works great for bulk renaming files for PLEX and other media servers that need specific formatting.
Home/GPL Freeware
112.85 Kb 20.09.2016 09:50
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zip.gif Multiple combat spammer setup - Autohotk
4.58 Kb 31.05.2016 07:45